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The Centurion - Pendant

The Centurion: Why is a guitar player making warrior jewelry?

The Centurion pendant, something that’s still completely different.

Musical inspiration and the desire to play guitar continues to elude me.  I even met a kickin’ singer who suggested we do some collaborating/recording, but it’s just not there… YET (it always comes back).  Thus cometh The Centurion.

I am loving my (somewhat) newfound creative outlet in jewelry design.  I had originally planned on doing both the design and manufacturing processes but decided to put off casting until later because learning multiple disciplines (design, design tools and software, metallurgy, casting, bench work, etc.) could quickly become overwhelming.

As it turns out the creative process, jewelry designing concepts/guidelines and learning digital sculpting have dominated my “jewelry time.”  I’ve done some finishing work but decided to find a U.S. based company that would do small runs, both casting and finishing (or partially finishing) my designs.  At least for the time being, I’ve found the quality of Shapeways 3D wax printing/investment casting quality to be good (though time will tell if they’re consistent) and while there are still some operations that I have to do on the bench like making and soldering jump rings, adding patina finishes and some other minor tasks, this allows me to spend time where it’s currently most important, practicing the creative process.

The practice is starting to pay off and I’m very pleased with my latest pendant designs and think it’s time to start selling some jewelry so that my hobby can begin paying for itself since it’s become obvious that I only enjoy expensive hobbies.

Like most of my designs, The Centurion is warrior themed and probably appeals mostly to bikers,motorheads, rockers and people interested in vikings, renaissance fairs and super hero movies.  Inspirationally, The Centurion is old-world meets modern.  If you’re interested in one hit me up using the contact form.