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Henning Amplification Bottle Rocket

New Henning amp demos

I had the pleasure of recording a couple new demos this week for Henning Amplification. This soon to be released amplifier follows Henning’s fireworks theme, appropriately named the Bottle Rocket.  This small box, 50 watt, EL34 based amp packs a heavy punch without compromising string clarity or the ability to clean up using only your guitar’s volume control.

There are currently two prototypes of this amp, consisting only of a minor difference in the preamp section.  The difference is subtle but certainly audible so as you listen to these new Henning amp demos be sure to put on your cork sniffing attire and come up with some creative terms to describe the differences (wooly, woody, warm, wicked, weird…).

Whether one or both versions will be released is still under consideration but to my ears you really couldn’t go wrong with either one of them.

The demos are located in a new area of the Amp Demos section where you’ll not only find the new Bottle Rocket demos but also a demo of Henning Amplification’s Cherry Bomb.