(L to R) Johnnie Tabares, Rob Perkins, Scott Owen, Bob Savage, Gary Monardo

This group started out with a request by Rob asking if I could help the four of them put together some scratch tracks of old Hirax tunes that they could use to get the songs practiced before going into the studio, since they were dispersed across 3 states.  It escalated quickly to me coming in as a second guitarist and then to us writing three new tunes.  We actually recorded one song from the 1984 Hirax cassette demo and four or so other Hirax songs but I think the new originals really shined above the rest, so here they are.

We approached the three songs three of us writing the music for a song and Rob writing lyrics and vocal lines.

These are our modern take on old-school thrash

Peace in Anarchy (Owens, Perkins)

Crutch (Savage, Perkins)

Assemble the Dead (Monardo, Perkins)