Bogner Amp Comparison demo

Bogner amplifiers

Bogner Amp Comparison demos

The intent of these demos is to provide a comparison of both differences and similarities of three of the most well known Bogner amplifiers on the market.

These clips represent three versions of the same rhythm section (bass/drums), but with the guitar parts played three separate times (Shiva, Ecstasy Classic, Uberschall).  As many variables as possible were removed, which is why the same cabinet was used on all of them.  This is not ideal from the perspective of matching a cabinet and speaker type to the amp but for the purposes of this demo, helps hear how each amp responds through the same cabinet, speakers and mic positions.






  • Vigier Excalibur Custom (Duncan Custom in bridge and Lil’59 in neck)

Speaker Cabinet

  • Bogner 4×12 with Celestion G12H-30s


  • Shure SM57 and Studio Projects C3 (all parts double-miced)

Amp settings


  • Channel 2, boost on

Ecstasy Classic

  • Red channel, boost on


  • Gain channel, master at about 10:00