Misc Demos

Miscellaneous Amplifier Demos

For the sake of nostalgia, here’s an assortment of demos of amps that are discontinued, not so common and/or one-offs that I’ve recorded.

Peters 3CP1

Peters 3CP0 amplifier

James’ initial foray into the world of amplifier building.  I forget the wattage and features, but it was a cool little amp, albeit no comparison to the amps he makes now.

Laboga Mr. Hector

Laboga Mr. Hector Amplifier

Mr. Hector Demo 1
Mr. Hector Demo 2 (7 string)

Line 6 Spider Valve

Line 6 Spider Valve Amplifier

Spider Valve Demo 1
Spider Valve Demo 2

Roccaforte Ultra Gain

Roccaforte Ultra Gain Amplifier

Fractal Audio Axe-Fx Standard (original version)