Shiva 007

Bogner Shiva Demos

Shiva Demo 1



  • Ibanez RG3120 (stock) and an Agile Les Paul copy (stock) for the rhythms (panned hard L/R). ┬áThe RG3120 was used for all lead parts.

Speaker Cabinet

  • THD 2×12 cabinet (Celestion Classic Lead 80’s)

The amp settings are shown below and the boost on for all tracks.

Shiva Demo 1 settings

Shiva Demo 2



  • Ibanez RG3120 (stock)- all lead parts and first rhythm section before the clean
  • Agile Les Paul copy – clean parts
  • Carvin DC727 – 7 string rhythms at end of demo

Speaker Cabinet

  • Bogner 4×12 with Celestial G12H-30s (speakers weren’t quite broken in)

Various amp settings were used on this demo

Shiva Demo 3


This demo was recorded as part of a comparison between the Shiva, Ecstasy and Uberschall to demonstrate both their differences and similarities.  The Ecstasy and Uberschall comparisons are on their respective demo pages or you can listen to all three of them HERE

Channel 2, boost on.


  • Vigier Excalibur Custom (Duncan Custom in bridge and Lil’59 in neck)

Speaker Cabinet

  • Bogner 4×12 with Celestion G12H-30s


  • Shure SM57 and Studio Projects C3 (LDC)
Speaker Comparison demos

The following demos were recorded using the Shiva with the exact same settings, played five times (these were not re-amped for comparison, each is a different take)

Celestion Greenbacks


Celestion G12H-30


Celestion Classic Lead 80 (CL80)


Celestion G12T-75


Celestion Vintage 30