Ecstasy Classic

Ecstasy Classic

Bogner Ecstasy Classic demos

Known as the flagship model of the Bogner Custom Shop line of amps, the Ecstasy features three channels that Bogner calls as Green, Blue and Red.  They could be described as clean, gritty-vintage high gain and smooth-vintage high gain.  Many refer to the third channel as the lead channel, however, the lead tones of the second channel are also superb, but with a dirtier overall sound that is nowhere near as refined and smooth as the third channel.

Ecstasy Demo 1



  • Carvin DC127 with Duncan Custom in bridge position which is the only pickup used for this demo

Speaker Cabinet

  • Bogner Überkabinet


  • SM57 on the Vintage 30 and Sennheiser MD421-II on the G12T-75

00:00-00:32 Rhythm/Lead = Blue Channel
00:32-End Rhythm/Lead = Red Channel

The eq settings are pictured below. For the power section, Presence was at 1:00, Full Power setting and New voicing

Ecstasy Classic Demo 1 settings


Ecstasy Demo 2


The demo sprung from a comparison I wanted to do of the Bogner amps. There are also Shiva and Überschall versions of the same rhythm tracks (bass/drums) in their respective sections below. The signal chain is a Vigier Excalibur Custom (Duncan Custom in bridge and Lil’59 in neck) into the Ecstasy Classic on the red channel-boost on, into a Bogner 4×12 loaded with Celestion G12H-30’s, and miced with an SM57 and Studio Projects C3.